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This week was the second week in the polish sprint, where our only goal is to improve the game we already have without adding any new mechanics. We also got the chance to show our game off to a lot of people for feedback during an event for FLEGA, hosted by our school. In general we got some great feedback and some suggestions on how to improve the game, but as all the suggestions were mechanic changes, we could unfortunately not implement them anymore. We did find some more bugs during all the testing so the days after the event we set out to fix the last pesky "little" bugs.


On the art side it was mostly the same as previous week. Polishing textures, making sure all props are placed correctly and nothing blocks the mouse. The water was improved and now has white stream lines when touching rocks. The end zones were expanded and the mousetraps were placed along the level, ready to shoot the hawk when it passes. All pickups now have a pulsing glow on them to make it more visible to the player they can interact with them!


We continued fixing some bugs, mostly concerning the hawk respawning mechanic. We added more sounds and polished the appearance of the timer. The hawk now also has a respawn particle effect and a timer is shown next to it's health bar counting down to the respawn. The lock on component has been polished and projectiles don't fly away in weird patterns. The hawk also got a couple seconds of immunity on respawn and starts flickering when immune.


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May 15, 2018

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