Development sprint 2: Log 3


The last two weeks we added all the missing components to the game. A lot was done to make a second playable level, the graveyard. This required making new props in the style of a spooky graveyard. We also searched for fitting sounds for most pickups and music for the menus and the different levels. Doing this we discovered finding decent royalty free music is a really difficult task!


Art wise we got everything done we set out to get finished this sprint. The final particles and minor props were created for the graveyard, post processing effects were added to create a nicer mood in the levels and a lot of time was spend on finding fitting music for the game. All menus were created and a new level was added to function as the end screen of the game. This end screen also features a lot of the props and some animations on the mouse! Paths were added to the levels to give a sense of direction to the mouse, as this was feedback we got last session from the other students, some people didn't know where they had to go. These paths were not originally planned but ended up having a big impact on the aesthetic and the flow of the game, especially for the mouse.


The biggest programming task for these two weeks was implementing all the menus, we added a main menu where you can choose to play a random map with randomly assigned characters or you can choose your own characters and map. In the level select screen you can choose between both available levels and in the character select players can choose what character they want to play. When the frenzy mode ends or all mice died the end game screen will be loaded where the scores are displayed and the mouse plays an animation depending on if a mouse won or lost. The players can choose to go back to the main menu or start the game again with the exact same settings as last game.

A lot of small errors were also fixed and the hawk was adjusted again to make it play a lot smoother, in it's current form it should be playable after only a little bit of practice.  Both the hiding bush and the barn now show the time remaining when a mouse is inside them and will no longer show their interaction symbol when they are on cooldown. This improves the player feedback a lot and makes it easier to figure out what is going on for the mice and the hawk.

Finally all the sounds were implemented.

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